Our Elementary Counselor Ana Maria Urquidi is trained in child development, learning strategies, self management, behavior modification and social skills.  Our Elementary Counselor understands and promotes success for our diverse students. We implement a school counseling program to support our students through their developmental period.  We work on Social- Emotional learning and character ed with our delivery of the Second Step program in our elementary classrooms as a tool to help us build a positive school culture. The Second Step Program is instrumental in strengthening the social-emotional skills of kids around the world and helping them reach their full potential. Our Counseling Program provides education, prevention and intervention activities, which are integrated into all aspects of children’s lives for future success. For further information you can visit our site.

Did You Know?

Talking about emotions and feelings with your child increases their academic success 85%. Research shows that people with strong emotional intelligence are more likely to succeed than those with high IQs.



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Social and emotional learning

Trish Shaffer is the Coordinator for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) for the Washoe County School District (WCSD). In this talk, she discusses the practice and value of social and emotional learning.

Useful Resources

  • Articles
    • 15 Everyday Ways to Help Kids Believe in Themselves – When young people believe in themselves, you can hear self-belief in the words they speak and see it through their body language. Nonverbal cues like a “thumbs up” means “I’ve got this covered. I can handle this.” This sense of confidence and motivation is what we hope all children will feel deep within themselves. Read more.
    • Social and Emotional Learning: Strategies for Parents – Whether it’s called “social and emotional learning” or “emotional intelligence,” most people understand it’s critical to pay attention to the development of the whole young person, including character education. Check out this guide to resources for learning more about character development. Read More.
    • 11 Books to Help Kids Learn to Take On Challenges – Many kids with learning and attention issues may have times when they feel like they’re “not good at anything.” Their challenges can lower their self-esteem and make school a stressful place. But extracurricular activities are a great way for kids to focus on their strengths and passions instead. Read More.
  • Sites & Links
    • PBS Parents – While there are many styles of parenting, almost all parents have the same basic hopes for their children. We want them to be kind, confident and brave.
    • ASQ:SE-2 Parent Activities – Share these fun and effective activities with parents to help them promote their child’s social-emotional skills.
    • Parent tip sheet – 17 practical ways parents can support the social-emotional development of their young children.