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Welcome to the ACS Elementary School. Our school follows the typical U.S. curriculum, with all instruction in English except for one period per day of required Spanish in grades one through five. Our elementary school consists of approximately 360 students in grades Kindergarten 3 (KG3) through fifth grade. Class size ranges from 14 to 25 students. About 59% of our youngsters are Bolivian while the other 41% are from the United States and other countries. We do not require uniforms. The atmosphere in our elementary school is a relaxed, yet respectful one. Students are in self-contained classrooms, and have specialists for Music and Physical Education (twice weekly), as well as Art, Library, and Computer Lab (once weekly) students also receive 45 minutes of daily Spanish instruction or English as a Second Language (ESL) support depending on the student’s English speaking ability.

Entrance Requirements:
For Kindergarten 3 (KG3): A child must be three years old before June 30th of the year of entry.
For Kindergarten 4 (KG4): A child must be four years old before June 30th of the year of entry.
For Kindergarten 5 (KG5): A child must be five years old before June 30th of the year of entry.
For Grade 1: A child must be six years old before the year of entry. If the child has successfully completed a KG5 program in the United States, the age requirement may be waived.

Students entering from schools other than U.S. or International are required to take English language and English reading examinations. Our school is able to accommodate students with mild learning disabilities. This means the children can succeed in a regular classroom setting the majority of the school day with some time spent in our Learning Lab working with a specialist for one to two hours per day. We do not provide speech therapy, psycho-educational assessments, or psychological counseling, although we are happy to refer families to private therapists and psychologists for these services.

The elementary principal would prefer to consult with parents in advance if a prospective student needs special education, and can be contacted by e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have many exciting programs and activities in our school. These include our Buddy Reading Program, our science lab, our bi-monthly Citizenship Assemblies, musical performances, pen pals in the United States, and our Class of the Week program. We have excellent library, computer lab, and physical education facilities.

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Street Address: Calle 10 y Pasaje Kantutas, Calacoto, La Paz, Bolivia 

Mailing Address: c/o American Embassy, La Paz, Bolivia 

Phone: 591-2-279-2302

Fax: 591-2-279-7218

Email: acs@acslp.org

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