Global Issues Network

Global Issues Network (GIN) is a ongoing, project-based 7-12th grade course, in which student teams identify and work on global issues that their local and national communities are facing. Students work together on a weekly basis to plan, market and implement projects tackling one or more global issues. Students mobilize peers through education and share their progress with larger global networks of students through technology and communication tools.

This year, the three GIN teams are:

The Carbon Cutters are working to increase educational opportunties about cilmate change and human actions to reduce the carbon footprint of ACS students, La Paz community members, and the school. They run secondary recycling, the Meatless Monday's campaign, and ongoing education like skits and presentations for ACS staff and students.

The BIO Guardians are working to reduce biodiversity losses in Bolivia, especially animal trafficking and destruction of the Amazon. The BIO Guardians have used community education as a tool to raise awarness in fun ways such as presentaitons, skits, bake sales, educational movie nights, and volunteering opportunties at La Senda Verde animal refuge.

The Guild Against Poverty are working to raise awareness about poverty-related issues such as educational disparity and child labor in Bolivia and our community. They have collaborated with local organizations to bring Christmas drive items to local families in need. and created realtionships to collaborate on sustainable programs and develop capacities of children and families in La Paz.

GIN students are passionate global citizens that often do up to 20 hours more Community Service than required to graduate. Ask any GIN member how you can help out or volunteer with them this year! Help GIN expand the network!

Many ACS GIN students and regular volunteers from ACS have the option to travel to the GIN conference of the Americas to meet with hundreds of international students where they can share ideas through student-led workshops, educate peers about their unique strategies and issues, gain insight into new global issues, make new friends and expand the network. ACS students have attended the GIN conferences in Quito (2013) Santo Domingo (2014) and Buenos Aires (2014).

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