Student Dress Code

uniforms3-467x311The purpose of the ACS Calvert dress code is to guide each student to set a standard for their personal appearance that is appropriate for learning, while remaining sensitive to their right to self-expression. Pride in personal appearance reflects on our students and on our school, and common sense dictates that some standards in dress regulations are necessary to maintain order, school spirit, scholarship, and discipline.

Any clothing that is considered by ACS Calvert to be distracting because of extremes in style, fit, color, pattern, fabric, etc., shall not be permitted. Specifically, the following guidelines are to be followed:

No articles of clothing or jewelry that advertise or promote the drug culture, tobacco products, profane language, or other negative attitudes or aspects of society.
No dangerously high heels.
No caps/hats during assemblies and tests/exams.
No midriffs (belly shirts) – i.e., no skin showing between shirt/blouse and top of pants/skirt when arms are raised over one’s head.
No low necklines
No underwear/lingerie showing (e.g., no transparent t-shirts or blouses, bra straps, boxers, etc.)
The four-finger rule (width of four fingers above knee) applies for length of shorts and skirts. (Even when wearing leggings and jeggings)
The ACS Calvert administration reserves the right to advise students as to appropriate dress for school, and censor any articles of clothing deemed inappropriate.

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