Teachers & Classes




Aliaga, Karen HS/MS French and MS Spanish Room 104

Vargas, Claudia HS/MS Spanish as a Second Language and Room 102

Secondary Learning Services

Arbuckle, Natalie Middle School English Room 205

Artieda, Esther AP World History & World History I and II Room 303

Cabello, Alma AP Spanish Literature & HS Spanish Room 203

Carpio, Ivan HS Math & Science Room 308

Carrasco, Milthon MS and HS P.E./Health Gym

De La Rocha, Andrea AP Chemistry, Chemistry & Biology Room 307

Donoso, Daniela Middle School Spanish Room 206

Estrugo, Andres AP Micro Economics & Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Room 301

Gamarra, Tracy MS & HS Technology Tech Lab

Kraft, Ralph Philosophy, World Religion, Psychology,

and Social Studies 7 Room 103

Machicao, Mauricio MS & HS Music Music Room

McIntosh, Kristina MS Science Room 210

Ochs, Robert AP English Language, HS English, Senior seminar Room 201

Ormachea, Soledad MS & HS Art Art Room

Rodas, Claudia Middle School Math Room 306

Sainz, Carola Statistics, Geometry, Algebra I Room 202

Soliz, Carmen Rosa HS Spanish & Bolivian History and Geography Room 302

Stonecypher, Jacob Middle School Social Studies Room 207

Vallejos, Veronica Secondary Learning Services,

MS English and MS Science Room 208

Van Strien, Tanya AP English Lit, HS English & Freshman Seminar Room 204

Webber, Amy AP US History, US History, Economics, Room 304

International Relations/Government

Fortun, Alejandra Secondary Librarian Assistant Secondary Library

Mendoza, Viviana Curriculum Consultant and AP Instructor Room 305

Aramayo, Valeria College Counselor Consultant Secondary Library

Rovack, Jannette Secondary Counselor Office

Teran, Jackie Secondary Administrative Assistant Office

Kerscher, Grace Secondary Principal Office

Otis, Jamie Superintendent Office


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