Middle School Philosophy and Beliefs
The American Cooperative School provides all students, grades six through eight, with a developmentally appropriate middle school program that is specifically designed to guide adolescents through the sometimes difficult transition from elementary school to high school. This program is student-centered, teaches skills for life-long learning, and promotes responsibility, independence, self-esteem and self-confidence.

The challenge at ACS is to meet the needs of our unique community which includes second language learners, host country nationals, third country nationals and students from the United States. These students are changing more rapidly and experiencing more social pressure than at any other time in their lives. Our goal is to create a school/parent partnership to teach the skills that students will need to become successful in high school and as adults.

The ACS Middle School Staff believes in:

-a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is taught in a nurturing, caring and structured setting.

-providing instruction that actively engages adolescents in the learning process.

-teaching skills and content in a manner that is relevant to middle school students. Instruction focuses on the development of skills in the following areas: study habits, communication, research, technology, problem solving, critical thinking, and social interaction.

-an interdisciplinary curriculum that challenges students to explore ideas, identify problems, generate solutions and evaluate their work.

-activities that encourage students to think critically and independently, act responsibly, develop self-confidence and enjoy learning.

-a warm and supportive environment in which students and adults treat each other with dignity and respect at all times.

-developmental guidance programs that provide students with social, emotional and academic support.

-an active working relationship between parents and teachers to help all our students reach their potential.

-curricular and co-curricular activities that promote group unity, social interaction, physical and mental health (i.e., sports events, field trips, social events, interdisciplinary units of study).

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