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We are providing this page to give you the student, parent or Support English teacher access to web based English learning resources so that additional practice can be done without waiting for a teacher to grade an exercise.

There are three points to be aware of:

1) In time, many of the links below will be created by ACS. Other links will take you to 3rd party websites. We will provide instruction on how to use those websites.
Be aware that many of those sites have advertising and clicking the advertising links will take you away from the learning objective.

2) Every effort is being made to provide links to exercises that are fun. This resource is a work in process. If you don't see anything that meets your needs, come back later.

3)  The links are not clickable.  You will need to copy paste them into a new browser window.

If you know of a site that should be linked to this page, please e mail me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The following url takes you to a READING COMPREHENSION website.

Site Instructions. There is a lot of material here. Scroll half way down the page until you come to a column of grade references. These are downloadable user pay documents. The free material is below these.
• Grade 1 - Find more here!
• Grade 2 - Find more here!
• Grade 3 - Find more here!
• Grade 4 - Find more here!
• Grade 5 - Find more here!
• Grade 6 - Find more here!
• Grade 7 - Find more here!
• Grade 8 - Find more here!
• Grade 9 - Find more here!
• Grade 10 - Find more here!
• Grade 11 - Find more here!
• Grade 12 - Find more here!
Scroll down until you find the twelve grades laid out in a 3 X 4 grid with five reading exercises each.
FREE ... These are all FREE. There are comprehension questions with answers and comprehensive explanations.


The following link takes you to a SENTENCE LEVEL READING COMPREHENSION GAPFILL exercise website.

Site Instructions: There are 60 or more reading exercises here under various headings such as Science and People. Scrolling past "Related Pages on this Website" takes you to links to games.
The titles of the reading exercises include the number of questions for each exercise eg. 25 questions. This exercise is a short text or story. The number of questions tells you that the reading text is 25 sentences long. Each sentence contains one gap which must be filled with one of the four supplied words.



Site Instructions: ELL students ask teachers to repeat instructions not only because they're inattentive but simply because they didn't understand. This site is useful for practicing listening comprehension. NOTE: It's important to stay in the center of the page with this website as the left hand side is full of advertising links.

In training listening skills, students need to know what to listen for. After you choose the difficulty level and topic, review this information just under the title:
Level: Topic: Type: Speakers: Length:
difficult cancer story man 01:48

Then, do the "pre listening discussion." The reason for this is it is rare that we enter a conversation and don't know what is going on.
Then scroll down to the listening questions.

II. Listening Exercises [Top]
I. Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play Audio" button and answer the questions. Press the "Final Score" button to check your quiz.
[ What are these different audio choices? ]
[ Other Audio Options: Play RealMedia | Play Window Media ]
1. Which word best describes the man's initial reaction right after he found out that he had been diagnosed with cancer?
A. shock
B. anger
C. self-pity

2. What did the man do after he first learned of his illness?
A. He underwent immediate surgery.
B. He retired from his job.
C. He researched cancer treatments.
3. After several months with the disease, what was the man's main source of consolation?
A. his family and friends
B. his belief in God
C. his doctors' encouragement
4. Who was mainly responsible for checking on and adjusting the man's medications in the home?
A. relatives
B. his wife
C. a hospice
5. According to the story, what can we learn from such difficult and emotional experiences?
A. All people will face death, and thus, we must prepare for it spiritually.
B. Our characters can be strengthened by such adversity.
C. Families provide the best support system during such a crisis.

Go through the questions and possible answers with students before doing the listening. Let / encourage them to listen to each recording twice. The first time they should try and record answers but they might miss some or record the wrong answer. They should be encouraged to listen a second time so they can check and possibly change their answers. Then show them the answers and check theirs with those on the website. If after two listenings it turns out they had a wrong answer, listen to the appropriate section of the recording a third time and discuss. There is a second listening activity "II. Listen to the conversation again as you read the Quiz Script." Where students write the missing words as they listen to the recording.

Finally, each topic comes with three vocabulary exercises.

III. Vocabulary Activities [Top]
Review the key vocabulary from the conversation: [ Why do these? ]
• Multiple-Choice and Short-Answer Questions
• Mixed-Up Sentence
• Sentence and Vocabulary Matching



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