Strategic Plan

American Cooperative School

• We challenge and inspire students to be critical thinkers, lifelong learners and responsible global citizens through a comprehensive, English-based education.

• A model of excellence in educating students

• Founded in Integrity
• Committed to Diversity
• Focused on Excellence

Strategic Plan

ACS will ensure that there are sustainable financial resources to support its mission, vision and core values while utilizing sound financial management practices.

1.1 By October 2014, ACS will implement a 5-year Financial Plan to ensure sustainable resources to accommodate long-term and short-term commitments and expenditures. (Review and adjust annually)

1.2 By May 2014, ACS will approve and implement a fiscal management policy to control the adequate and efficient use of financial resources. (Review and adjust annually)

1.3 Annually, ACS will complete an independent audit of accounts and records.

1.4 By May 2019, ACS will have increased its Emergency Reserve and will have created a long-term Expenses Reserve. (Review progress annually)

1.5 Annually, ACS will providebudget with adequate resources to recruit, train, and retain highly qualified staff.

1.6 By March of each year of the Strategic Plan, ACS will collect and analyze student enrollment data and forecast the most accurate annual revenue to support the ACS Financial Plan.

To fulfill the ACS mission, vision and core values we will increase the achievement of all students by using data-driven assessments in creating a learning environment that balances curriculum, teaching strategies and student/teacher relationships.

2.1 By November 2015, ACS will develop recruiting strategies to select and retain the most talented and qualified teachers capable of meeting the needs of our learners. (Review and adjust annually)

2.2 By March 2017, ACS will establish and implement systems for collection, evaluation and communication of student data on identified performance and learning outcomes.

2.3 By May 2015, ACS will develop a plan to improve and expand co-curricular activities and community involvement. (Review progress annually)

2.4 By May 15 of each year of the Strategic Plan, Administration will review the staff evaluation systems to ensure effective instruction and assessment practices. (Review and adjust annually)

2.5 By December 2015, ACS will establish a system for distribution of professional development resources to support teaching and learning, and reinforce the school’s mission, vision and core values.

2.6 By May 2016, ACS will develop a 3-year technology plan that includes infrastructure upgrades and technology integration training.

ACS will increase enrollment and strengthen relations by effectively communicating the school’s mission, vision and core values to all stakeholders and the wider community.

3.1 By May 2015, ACS will develop and implement a detailed marketing and communication plan aimed at increasing enrollment and market to recruit and strengthen community relations. (Review and adjust annually)

3.2 By September of each year, ACS will increase student enrollment by a minimum of 3%. (Review progress annually)

3.3 ByMay, 2016, ACS students, staff and parents will understand the school’s mission, vision and core values.


ACS will implement effective and accountable governance, management systems and organizational practices that support our mission, vision and core values.

4.1 By September 2014, ACS willreview andassess ACS’s bylaws, external and internal policies, Bolivian laws and regulations to strengthen the current Board structure and build a framework that ensures the ACS Strategic Plan will be implemented. (Review Annually)

4.2 By May 2015, ACS will develop and implement a plan to strengthen relationships with ANDECOP, theMinistry of Education, and public authorities. (Reviewprogress annually)

4.3 By October 2016, ACS will develop an oversight structure to support the effective implementation and management of all Goals within the Strategic Plan. (Review progress annually)

4.4 By February 2017, ACS will review and revise the management and organizational structures to support the orderly operations of the school. (Review progress annually)

ACS will effectively maintain a quality physical learning environment that supports educational programs and a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to fulfill the school’s mission, vision and core values.

5.1 By November of each year, ACS’s operational systems will be reviewed and incorporated into the ACS Operational Manual.

5.2 By December 2014,ACS will assess and adjust current extra-curricular opportunities and facilities required to support programs.

5.3 By March 2015,ACS will develop a proactive Asset Management Plan and Maintenance Plan in line with available resources. (Reviewed Annually.)

5.4 By May 2015,ACS will develop a Facility Master Plan to ensure ACS’s facilities reflect the educational and structural needs of the ACS community based on available resources. (Reviewed Annually)

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