Functions and Responsibilities

campus91-467x350Functions and Responsibilities

The Ten Basic Responsibilities of the ACS School Board

• Acting as an appraisal body to review reports made by the administration and to evaluate the effectiveness of the school program.

• Reviewing and approving the annual budget prepared by the Superintendent and recommended by the Finance Committee after review.

• Countersigning for the expenditure of funds previously authorized by the Board.

• Employing an independent auditor and an attorney, who shall be directly responsible to the Board of Trustees.

• Providing by the exercise of its legal powers the funds necessary to finance the operation of the school.

• Performing specific duties imposed on the Board by appropriate authorities as stated in the By-laws.

• Establishing priorities and procedures pertaining to the admission of students in the school.

• Acting as the body of final review for school personnel and patrons who wish to appeal a prior decision by the Superintendent to the Board. Cases shall be presented in writing to the Board Chairman at least one week in advance of the scheduled meeting for inclusion on the agenda.

• Approving courses of study recommended by the Superintendent through the Curriculum Committee.

• Approving the annual school calendar as presented by the Superintendent.

• Providing orientation for new Board members, in coordination with the Superintendent.

• Considering communications, written and presented to the Chairman, on matters of administration or policy, which are not otherwise provided for in these responsibilities and regulations.

• Altering grade levels available as necessary due to physical plant and/or financial constraints and/or the interests of the AEA Association.

• Determining rewards (financial or otherwise) for deserving individuals demonstrating exceptional performance at AEA.

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